Waste not want not, with a log gasification boiler

Posted by: In Biomass

Our client Eco Waste already do an extraordinary job of recycling 85% of the contents of a builders skip. As well as the ‘easy’ things to separate like metals, plastic and wood, they hand pick through the rubble and produce graded ballast which is of use in the construction of roads. It’s only the sand and dust particles that they regard as waste – everything else is re-purposed.

To help make good use of the joists, rafters, fences, doorways and floorboards that appear in a skip we fitted a pair of 95kW Attack log gasification boilers. With a chamber over a metre long, these boilers are able to consume huge quantities of wood every time they are loaded. More importantly, they provide heat for the offices, the barn-like working area and to dry arboreal waste for sale. Four, large, warm air heaters deliver the energy to the work space and have made it a more comfortable place to be in the winter. Once again, what was considered only fit for land fill has been given another valuable role.