Open for business – as (un)usual

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The coronavirus pandemic is having huge effects on everybody in the country but we’re not in the kind of business that you can do by working at home. Fortunately, the privileged position of working by ourselves on a roof-top or alone in a plant room means we don’t intrude on the owners/occupiers of the building. We’ve added to the usual list of Personal Protective Equipment and adopted as much social distancing as is possible. Properly managed and communicated strategies to ensure the safety of our clients and our workers is paramount – but it is possible.

When one of our clients needed an immersion element changing in his home, our first reaction was to say no. But he and his family had no hot water and had been managing by boiling kettles for weeks so his situation was becoming critical. So we donned masks and gloves, cleared the family from the area we were working and fitted the new element. Hot water was restored and a game of happy families ensued.