New heap pumps for old

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In another first for Solinvictus, we recently replaced an existing Air Source Heat Pump with a new LG Therma V. The decade old unit had been dysfunctional for several months and had been deemed unrepairable by the client and their service engineers. The whole energy costs of a heat pump are significant and although we’re always keen to keep old models running for as long as possible, the manufacturer didn’t support this range any longer. Without parts and technical support, we risked embarking on a continual series of repairs, patches and upgrades so agreed with the client that a new unit was the best option.

Similar in size and output to the previous ASHP, the 12kW LG Therma V is more efficient, easier to control and quieter. Using R32 refrigerant, it’s part of the new wave of more environmentally friendly machines with a lighter environmental footprint. It didn’t take long to fit in to its new surroundings and got on with the task of providing the client with the heat they needed.