Ministers find new energy in retirement

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A major refurbishment of one of the buildings at the Church of Our Lady Immaculate & St Andrew has created a pair of very comfortable flats for their retired ministers. As well as the all-new interior, it included a 5.3kWp PV array on the roof which provides electricity for the flats and the rest of the Church. To sustain the 16 Panasonic 330W panels, it has an SMA Tripower three phase inverter and is linked to the Sunny Portal to allow on and off-site monitoring. The system is large enough to allow the Church to consider battery storage systems or electric car charging in the future.
The refurbishment and the PV system was organised by the LiveSimply Team and is a demonstration of the gratitude they feel for the Augustinians of the Assumption. We hope the ministers enjoy a new sense of energy in their retirement and can relax in their luxurious new surroundings.