No labour pains with Heat Pod delivery

Posted by: In Biomass

The latest addition to our project list is the installation of an ETA 140kW pellet boiler to heat Brickendon Grange Golf Club. They don’t have space for a plant room in their fine old Club House itself so we suggested one of Innasol’s Heat Pods – a shipping container with the boiler, buffer and pellet boiler already contained inside. Clad in larch, the Pod will occupy an unobtrusive location in the car park and blend in beautifully with the woodland backdrop. Since the bulk of the pipework has been completed off site, linking it to the existing plumbing system doesn’t involve much labour on site. Once the flue is fitted and the District Heating Mains are connected, then we can fill the system up and commission the boiler.

Not only is it straightforward to install, the delivery logistics were made to look pretty simple too. When we asked Richard, the HIAB driver, to carefully pick our little baby up and lower it onto a temporary space, he hoisted it aloft with the crane boom then simply spun it through 180 degrees using just one hand. He claims he isn’t Superman but did have the look of Clarke Kent about him.