Jacket required, but no ties

Posted by: In Biomass

The 1100 litre buffer which accompanies this 45kW biomass boiler was delivered in its ‘bare’ state for obvious transport and installation reasons. At nearly two metres high and weighing the best part of 100kg, we were able to manoeuvre it into position in the corner of the garage using the inlet/outlet ports. Looking slightly shocked in its naked state, the next stage was to clothe the cylinder with the pre-formed insulation shell which comprises of three, super-insulated layers and a rigid outer skin (yellow to match the boiler, naturally). The skin is an exact fit around all of the inlet/outlet ports and is pulled together with a clever plastic closure device which eliminates any need for ties around the exterior, provides a millimetre perfect fit and even forms a conduit for the temperature sensor cables. Cunning stuff.