Biomass boilers in Buntingford

Posted by: In Biomass

Our recently commissioned ETA PE-K 45kW boiler sits snugly at the back of the garage and is now supplying heat and hot water to the house, some 40 metres away. Clearly there isn’t much demand for heat at the moment but it’s always an impressive sight to watch a boiler heat an 1,100 litre buffer in two or three hours and once it’s hot, to see the buffer transfer the energy to the heating circuits almost immediately.

The oil boiler that we removed was a 70kW unit but it was old and connected with tiny 22mm flow and return pipework so despite it’s size, it struggled to keen some areas of the house warm at all. The new system should heat the house more efficiently, cost less to run and generate an income stream for the house from the Renewable Heat Incentive. The current current RHI tariff is sufficiently generous that that this installation should pay for itself in less than four years, produce a surplus for the remaining three years of the scheme and leave our client with a renewable fuel source – not locked in to a finite resource.

The system consists of a 5 tonne pellet store, 1,100 litre buffer, 40mm district heating main, three pumped Levato mixing units for the newly zoned sections of the house, one pumped non-mixing unit for the hot water and digital temperature stats in each of the new zones.